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Cleve's 80th Birthday Party

In September 2008, Cleve celebrated his 80 full years with about 80 friends and their children, from all corners of the U.S., at the home of artist Harriet and Phil Lesser in Maryland.

Art Exhibit

Art Exhibit Opening Reception 2/8/2009 Metropolitan Memorial United Methodist Church

Cleve’s largest and last solo show, a retrospective which included 33 works in various media.

Under Surveillance Show

Under Surveillance Art Show

This series was a collaboration by Cleve with well-known artist Harriet Lesser at Parrish Gallery, 9/2010, Washington, DC. It highlights one classic method of surveillance, the tower, to raise awareness of that delicate balance between privacy and security. It includes representations of towers used throughout history in prison camps, refugee camps, dividing cities and countries, war zones and even the detention centers for the Japanese in the U.S. during WW II.

Fred Satori Sundance 2003

Video with Cleve submitted to Sundance – Fried Sartori

Cleve was approached by the filmmakers to play the role of a wise old man. The film was submitted to Sundance as a short in 2003 by Astrid Dick.

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